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ViciDocs is a suite of powerful electronic Document Management System products with rich features for archiving, managing, indexing and retrieving documents. The ViciDocs Suite comprises of products/tools for digitization, scanning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Image Conversions, electronic workflow management, document archival and search, Email Data management etc.. These are available as Stand-Alone products as well as tools integrable with industry's leading solutions like Domino.Doc, Lotus Notes etc.

Built with robust, scalable architecture, ViciDocs comes in versions that can be deployed over LAN, WAN or Internet in large Enterprises. These Products also empower individuals and organizations by acting as powerful knowledge management tools.

Built by Vicisoft Technologies, an ISO 9001:2008 company certified by UKAS, ViciDocs offers best of the breed solutions in cost-effective fashion.

  How it helps your business
Government and Public Sector Units : ViciDocs presents a suite of very powerful solutions, which can help Government Agencies to improve the efficiency of operations, to provide more and more efficient services to citizens and public dissemination of key information. Through a combination of rich functionality and elaborate security, ViciDocs also helps in compliance with statutory obligations and regulations which are of utmost importance to Government Agencies.
Advertising and PR Agencies : ViciDocs PR is a powerful Media Monitoring and Analysis solution designed for Advertising and Public Relations (PR) Agencies. ViciDocs PR helps in distributed capture, organization and delivery of news clips across various publications organized client-wise.
BPO Companies : Use Vicidocs BPO to have a webbased solution for capturing source documents from disparate locations and to automatically route to specific agents at the processing center based on predefined rules.
Banks and Financial Institutions : Banks and FIs can use ViciDocs to store, manage and locate important documents like Circulars and Policy Records. This can also help in storing important customer documents for better statutory compliance and Customer service requirements.
Health Care Industry : Large Hospitals and healthcare companies can use ViciDocs to store medico-legal records (as per statutory requirements) as well as for general Patient Record Management with powerful capture and retrieval features available in the Product.
  What's New!!!
Fax Server integration: ViciDocs Enterprise with Fax Integration is now available for automatic capturing of incoming faxes into the repository as well as manual sending of fax documents.
Email Data Management: Email Safe is the latest product in the Vicidocs Enterprise suite which allows email data management for major mail clients like Outlook Express, Outlook and Lotus Notes. Email Safe helps organizations manage their email data in a comprehensive and secure manner.
ViciCapture for Lotus Domino.Doc: ViciDocs Suite now includes a powerful distributed capture solution that can be integrated with LOTUS Domino.Doc system. ViciCapture supports capturing documents in paper form as well as electronic form.
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